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Air Ambulance

ATAA - for all your air cargo charter flight needs

Get the best care in the sky with ATAA Air Ambulance

The ATAA is a premier air ambulance service that provides reliable, safe, and affordable transportation to anyone in need.

We provide emergency medical assistance and air ambulance services to people in critical need. It is our responsibility and privilege to serve and save lives in the most demanding and challenging situations.

ATAA is the world’s first and only air ambulance company with guaranteed response time. We offer quick, seamless, and affordable service 24/7 anywhere in the world. We provide safe transport for international patients who need emergency medical care not available in their country of residence.

Need an emergency medical flight? With one call, ATAA can help get you out of harm’s way in a flight that’s equipped to handle any kind of medical emergency. And when it comes to price, we’re competitive in the market.

ATAA Air Ambulance
We're here for you when every second counts.

In a world where time is critical, Air Ambulance has been proven to save lives.

We’re excited to announce that we’re just about to start offering group charter flights for everyone! Book your next flight with ATAA Airline.
We offer competitive rates, online booking, and no hidden fees!

ATAA Air Ambulance

Why choose an Air Ambulance?

An Air Ambulance can get to you in minutes with a doctor and nurses aboard, which makes all the difference in an emergency situation.

Technology is our best asset

The ATAA is run by a highly skilled team of doctors and paramedics who are supported by advanced technology systems - ensuring seamless coordination between ground and air medical teams.

Service to the community

We want everyone to know that ATAA's life-saving service is available for them, at any time of day or night. It's never too late to call us.

Team of expert pilots and paramedics

Hire an aircraft, pilot, crew, and all the support you need for your air cargo charter flight. Let ATAA do the rest.